Who We Are

Drew Dougherty, Founder LeadershipDNA

Drew has over 20 years experience as a consultant, coach, and executive in line management positions. He has worked extensively with many executives to maximize the impact of their leadership, and with their teams to achieve breakthrough performance through others.

The foundation of Drew’s coaching expertise lies in his extensive training and experience dealing with behavior change, combined with his practical experience as a results-driven senior executive in complex organizations.


An interesting question Drew likes to ask:

Who are your heroes, and why?

  • Dalai Lama - Respect, laughter, compassion and kindness in action.
  • Nelson Mandela - Conviction, courage, persistent patience, inclusion.
  • John Wooden (Coach) - Accomplishment, principled, focus on the fundamentals.
  • Larry Bird (Athlete and Coach) - Commitment, results focus, substance over style, leadership by example, competitive and tough.
  • Ed Zschau (Entrepreneur, Congressman, Professor) - Optimism, willingness to risk and be different, super-smart without being arrogant, the power of humor.

  • Who are your heroes, and how can you be more like them?

Meet The Team

Pam Fox

Executive Coach

Lucinda Rhys

Executive Coach

Lainy Jahnke

Operations Manager

Laura Beeson

Administrative Manager

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