Lucinda Rhys

Executive Coach and Team Facilitator

Lucinda has developed coaching techniques that blend the analytical, observational and intuitive to quickly identify core issues and hidden potential. She customizes her approach to meet the learning style of each individual client with a clear focus on achieving sustainable results. By working with both current concerns and long-term goals, Lucinda is able to work with the client to develop practical ways of learning that create both immediate and sustainable change.

Lucinda is masterful in working with leaders to cultivate strong interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills. She leads the client in developing the qualities of authenticity, trust and courage that are essential in building high performing teams.

She believes that leadership presence can be learned and works with her clients to cultivate the capacity to remain centered while under pressure, the ability to advocate without aggression, to effectively blend with the needs and concerns of others and to compel them into action. Lucinda has extensive training in the area of somatic Leadership. She looks not only at what a leader says and does, but also at how body language, mood and tone effect communication and the perception of others.

Her work “Language for Action” integrates key linguistic and communications research with innovative teaching methodologies and models. This approach supports the leader in cultivating the precision and power of language to build trust, empower results and uncover breakdowns.

Lucinda brings to her work over twenty years of organizational and executive management experience in the areas of sales, marketing and strategy. As a strategic consultant, she has worked with both corporate and entrepreneurial organizations helping them create vision, articulate strategy and build consensus. Lucinda brings forward her background in strategic planning and visioning to guide leaders in developing their creative and innovative potential, enabling them to shift to a more strategic contribution.

For the past 15 years Lucinda’s work has been focused on the art of learned leadership. She coaches a broad range of professional clients, from directors to CEOs, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, speakers and executive coaches. She enjoys working with fast growing and innovative organizations and has worked extensively with clients in bio-pharm and technology organizations. In addition to executive coaching, Lucinda works with team dynamics and development and has designed a number of leadership courses focusing on influence, leadership presence and communication.