Our Principles

Here is what we stand for – in our values, what we bring to our work with clients, and what we encourage in our clients

  • Data Driven, Results Focus
    1. We all have biases – favorite ideas, points of view and blind spots – so it is critical in our model of “Leadership as Customer Service” that we find out what is really going on from the perspective of those we seek to lead and influence… Use rigorous data gathering methods to diagnose root cause, and stay true to the data determining approaches and measuring outcomes.
  • Authenticity
    1. Closely aligned with the above, we believe in prioritizing truth over comfort. No B.S. No hiding. When leaders demonstrate the courage to be vulnerable, it creates trust and invites others to be open and bring their full voice as well. Welcome all your parts – both the creative and the reactive – to bring all your talents forward. Be candid, while remaining respectful.
  • Open Listening
    1. …So the other person feels heard – that is the ultimate measure. Followership is voluntary, and people will only follow if they trust you care about them – their concerns, ideas, and needs. Seeking first to understand (level 3 listening) demonstrates care and respect, and generates learning. Present as though you are right, and listen as though you are wrong.
  • Ownership and Accountability
    1. We all are tempted at times to succumb to the self-protective strategies of defensiveness, proving, blaming, acquiescing or avoiding (victim mentality). Use self-awareness and curiosity to shift to an accountable mindset — ask yourselves “What did I do to contribute to the situation?” …and “What else can I do to help create the results I want for myself and my team?”
  • Experimentation to Learn
    1. What experiment can we run to test out a different approach? And what do we plan to learn, over what timeframe? These questions are key to innovation. Running smart, limited experiments reduces the barriers to trying something new.
  • Curiosity and Self-Awareness
    1. Emotional Intelligence is proven to be the great differentiator of highly effective leadership. (IQ is table stakes.) Being smart and facile with your inner operating system enables you to choose behaviors that are creative rather than reactive under stress. Your executive presence – being the centered, calm “I” in the storm – attracts followers and give them confidence amidst uncertainty. Be relentlessly curious too about the impact you have on the customers of your leadership — those you seek to influence and lead.
  • Play
    1. Your work is serious stuff, but don’t take yourself too seriously. Newsflash: none of us is perfect. So let’s give up trying so hard to pretend we are. The need for perfection is an innovation killer. Employ the creativity tools from improvisational comedy: be present and open, make others look good, build on their ideas (“Yes, And..”). When it’s not perfect, don’t indulge in the show-stoppers of blame, regret, and doubt; forgive immediately and move on!

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