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Innovation, effective decisions, good conflict, concerted action, and tremendous energy for implementation – all come from teams. And yet… are your team meetings efficient? Are the right problems and real issues being discussed? Do all members speak up authentically, and truly listen with respect to consider divergent points of view? Is decision-making effective? Is action and communication aligned behind final decisions?

Most teams can improve their collective performance in some important ways. It takes focused attention, work, and leadership. Yet you as leader cannot participate fully in team offsite while also trying to provide neutral facilitation. Nor do you have the time and focus available to design a well-structured offsite that includes everyone’s input (that they may not express candidly to you if you were to ask for it directly).

LeadershipDNA Consultants partner with you to design and facilitate offsites that

  1. Accomplish team tasks that are critical for the business at the time, and
  2. Surface and resolve key team dysfunctions that hinder team performance, while identifying top team strengths to leverage further.

Each team offsite, lasting from 1-3 days, is highly customized in its agenda and processes, as determined by input interviews conducted with all participants, including you.  The purpose is driven by you, and the design formulated by experienced LeadershipDNA experts, with final approval in partnership with you.

Elements of Typical Agenda



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LeadershipDNA did an excellent job designing and facilitating our top-team offsite. They had just the right balance of structure and customization, and the right level of intense listening to help us break through to the next level of honesty needed to get to the real issues.

Kent Thiry

CEO, Davita

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