Individual Leadership


What Leaders Really Do
By John Kotter. This article makes the definitive distinction between “management” and “leadership”.

Leadership that Gets Results
By Daniel Goleman. Further research revealing the significant “contagious effect” of leaders’ moods, and distinguishing benefits and pitfalls of different styles of leadership.

One More Time – How do You Motivate Employees
By Frederick Herzberg. Solid research clarifying this oft-asked question.


The Corporate Mystic – A Guidebook for Visionaries with Their Feet on the Ground
by Gay Hendricks and Kate Ludeman. Presenting pithy advice, memorable quotations, and enlightening examples drawn from interviews with “top corporate mystics, ” this guide shows how to tap the power of integrity, vision, and intuition to enhance the power and creativity of your leadership.

The Five Temptations of a CEO
by Patrick Lenconi. A short leadership fable that makes a compelling case for leaders to risk being authentic (i.e. vulnerable) in order to connect with and inspire others.

Leadership and the One Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard, Patricia Zigarmi, Drea Zigarmi
This best selling classic has stood the test of time. It offers a simple and proven framework for knowing when and how to adapt leadership style to meet the needs of followers in any given situation. When to delegate, support, coach, or direct


“Post-heroic leadership,” by a highly successful submarine captain – it is not about taking control, but giving it to create other leaders. How to embed the capacity for greatness in the people and practices of an organization.

How to Motivate knowledge worker – Daniel Pink, author of Drive

Bill Belichik on Leadership and Winning