Culture Leadership


The Culture Code, by Daniel Coyle
This fascinating read it based on deep experience within peak performing organizations of different kinds, such as the creative PIXAR to the highly disciplined Navy SEALS. Coyle’s many real world example are illustrative, and his key action steps are spelled out, depending on whether proficiency or creativity is the aim.

Change the Culture, Change the game, by Roger Connors and Tom Smith
Connors and Smith lay out the template for creating a culture of ownership and accountability that is essential for creating intentional results.

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? by Louis Gerstner
This is Gerstner’s inside story how he saved the once-iconic IBM from the brink of bankruptcy, and reinvented it to become once again a leader in the 21st Century economy. A former head of McKinsey and RJR Nabisco, he learned first-time and first hand that, “During my time at IBM I leaned that culture is not just part of the game: it IS the game.” A fascinating story with many relevant examples.