Innovation Sprint

Think Differently for New Solutions, while Cultivating Capability for Innovation

Is your organization “stuck” in thorny problems that persist and seem impenetrable by the conventional problem solving processes and paradigms?  Perhaps stuck in the mire of politics, silos, old ways of thinking, acting and relating?  How can you take a radically different approach, in a concentrated amount of time that unleashes uncommon creativity?  

LeadershipDNA’s use of design thinking methods and tools, learned from the Stanford University Design School, cuts through traditional barriers to creative problem solving.  The process is fast, high-energy, interactive and fun, and engages both the left and right brain to think very differently about the problem while surfacing many different ideas and possible solutions.

The LeadershipDNA Innovation Sprint Process

  1. Clearly define the central problem statement to be solved.
  2. Adopt a growth mindset through fast and fun creativity exercises – a playful attitude is essential to creativity. Getting over the need to be perfect removes a major barrier to innovation.
  3. Use insights from customer empathy to re-frame the problem – dig down to root causes.
  4. Ideate like mad – we will push you out of your comfort zone to think differently.
  5. Create live prototypes – bring the ideas to life.
  6. Get rapid feedback and iterate.
  7. Bring decision makers into the room – and blow them away! (it always happens and creates more openings for action)
  8. Narrow down the experiments to run, plan to learn with timelines… and place some bets on concrete actions to move forward.

Huge Impact – Freed Up Our Minds

We used LeadershipDNA’s design-thinking process and facilitation to “Design Our Future” as a function in six workshops around the globe. The impact was huge not only in creating over 20 new ideas that we implemented, but also in getting us to realize that mindset and culture shifts were necessary create the needed change. The workshop really freed our minds to come up with innovative ideas, and Drew’s tools to assess business impact helped us prioritize our next steps. His facilitation was masterful in how he moved us forward through a tight timeline (half day), but at the same time provided us an open and safe environment to listen openly, think creatively with no judgment, and build on each other’s ideas.

Xin Li

VP/Global Head, Genentech/Roche

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