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LeadershipDNA's help has been invaluable. They have helped us to get the very best from our people and cross-functional teams at a time of turbulent change. Their consultants' provide a unique combination of practical business focus and acumen with deep insight and processes to affect the underlying drivers of human behavior.

Howie Rosen, President, Alza Corporation
(a Johnson & Johnson Company)

I recommend Drew Dougherty as an executive coach and leadership consultant. He has worked with some of my "toughest" executives, and has produced impressive results. He has a way of getting through to people and getting them to own the change we need them to lead. He earns respect and maintains a focus on results.

Catherine Mackey, Ph.D., SVP and Site Head, Pfizer, Inc.

LeadershipDNA did excellent work for us. They had just the right balance of structure and customization -- and underneath all the process was the kind of sincerity and intense listening necessary for people to break through to deeper levels and get to the real issues.They were very skilled at getting the executives engaged with sufficient intensity and comfort to be fully honest.

Kent Thiry, CEO, Davita, Inc.

I recommend Drew Dougherty as an organization development consultant and executive coach to help any executive attempting to effectively lead change. I have engaged Drew on numerous occasions both in helping me lead complex change involving many people, and to help one of my high level executives change some critical behaviors that were getting in the way of continued success. All of my projects with Drew have had successful outcomes.

Mike Varney, EVP, Head of Research, Genentech, Inc.

There is no more effective expenditure I could have made as CEO to develop my people as leaders and entrepreneurs. LeadershipDNA's work has been instrumental to successfully transitioning our company to the next level of growth. And now that we are there, we continue to rely on Drew's trusted leadership to help us strike the right balance between appropriate process and entrepreneurship.

Marshall Merrifield, CEO, Clark Security Products

Drew Dougherty is an excellent executive coach. His strong operational background coupled with his deep knowledge and experience in organizational development and coaching have been a powerful combination for Halozyme. He has been a valuable partner on my journey as a leader. And his outstanding preparation, dedication, and facilitation for our executive team offsite enabled a common understanding of our direction and of each other. I highly recommend Drew to other company entrepreneurs and CEO's.

Jonathan Lim, MD, President and CEO, Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.

LeadershipDNA was extraordinary at harnessing the power within me, the Officer Group, and others to make a big positive impact on how we interact and lead at all levels in our organization.

Hank Fuchs, Former CEO, Intrabiotics Pharmaceuticals; CMO, Onyx Pharmaceuticals

As an executive coach, Drew has been very helpful in my becoming a better manager and leader. In addition, he worked very successfully with leaders, systems, and structure across my department and others to solve critical-path organizational issues. He works well with all levels and groups, and his ability to perceive the need or issue at the heart of the situation is a key talent. I find him to be prepared, insightful, and driving toward solutions. His focus on follow up and practical implementation have made all the difference. I have enjoyed my interactions with Drew and continue to ask his advice and input in both my personal and business development needs.

Michael A. Adam, Ph.D., Former VP, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer, Inc.

The payback was ten-fold on our significant expenditure with LeadershipDNA over an extended period. As executive coaches, Drew and Mark were inspirational because it was clear they embodied what they taught. They became trusted coaches and a consistent positive force as thought partners throughout the significant changes in our company.

Ken Kelly, Venture Capital Partner, and Founder of Intrabiotics Pharmaceuticals

My top team included talented managers who had difficulty performing as a cohesive leadership team; the whole was less than sum of its parts. To achieve our goals as a business, we needed the managers to think outside of their individual functions and departments and to operate on a basis of shared leadership and accountability. LeadershipDNA was instrumental in achieving that result. Drew's success stems in part from his skill at using both quantitative data and a personable approach to reach people. He established a rapport with the team that engendered trust in his methods and a willingness to accept constructive criticism from him. Additionally, his insights into the individuals on the management team were very beneficial to me. I subsequently sought Drew's perspective on numerous occasions, and fully plan to use his services in the future.

Gordon R. Clark, Former CEO, The Governance Institute

LDNA's systematic, data-driven approach ensured deep understanding of what leadership means uniquely in our organization. They did not impose off-the-shelf answers to our problems. Furthermore, their trustworthiness and professionalism helped us feel safe to look at the "DNA" that drives our culture, and to make the shift required to achieve even greater business results.

Therese Hymer, Corporate Council, VP Human Resources, Clark Security Products

LeadershipDNA's work made a huge impact in fostering a coaching environment at all levels of our company. They gave us the tools, and taught us the skills to provide feedback to each other with skill, safety, and confidence. That has vastly improved both the quality and speed of our communications and learning, and therefore the decisions we make.

Marti Haskins, Senior Director, Clinical Affairs
IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals

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